TikTok Creator Spotlight @By.Sumayah

TikTok Creator Spotlight @By.Sumayah

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Sumayah Saadi is the founder of SUMAYAH, a modest clothing line that has amassed a community of over 170,000 followers on TikTok. As a proud Muslim creator and business owner, Sumayah shares everything from Hijab tutorials, insights into her Abaya business, to the beauty of Ramadan.

Sumayah's journey began during the pandemic when she left her parliamentary assistant role to pursue her passion for modest fashion. The brand has gone from strength to strength on TikTok, with LIVE events that draw thousands of viewers and real life drops that attract winding queues of shoppers.

We caught up with Sumayah to discuss all things modest fashion, what inspires her, and what's next!

What does International Women's Day mean to you?

It's a day that resonates deeply with our ethos at SUMAYAH, where we're committed to empowering women through fashion that celebrates their identity and values. It's a reminder of the progress we've made and the journey still ahead in achieving accessible modesty and the celebration of identity. Our audience often struggles to have their identity truly understood; which is why I love my brand SUMAYAH as it is so much more than a business. It has become a brand that really highlights and empowers women and their different views on modesty. International Women's Day allows for us to have a focused day of highlighting this.

Why did you decide to start sharing content on TikTok?

I have always been a person that cares a lot about creating change and doing things with a purpose. I realised that the target audience my business was focusing on has a lot of systematic issues in regards to identity and the notion around modesty. The power of TikTok is incredible for just how far a message can go. I knew that if I started documenting and sharing content about modesty, I could really highlight the concept of being pluralistic. Modesty is so much more than an external covering but this is often overshadowed. TikTok allows us to engage with our community in a more personal and interactive way, showcasing the versatility and beauty of modest wear in everyday life and how modesty is different for everyone.

What other women or women-owned businesses do you follow on TikTok?

I follow so many I can’t list them all. Whenever I have time to scroll on TikTok I always end up coming across a new female who is doing such amazing work in their field. I love supporting them on their journey and learning from them. The creators I watch are often raw with their journey. It makes me feel way more connected to them.

What is your goal on TikTok?

My goal on TikTok is to build a community that celebrates modest fashion and empowers women to express their style and values confidently. I want to disrupt the fashion scene in the UK and make modest fashion highlighted so women have options to celebrate them and their identity. My platform is not just a place to buy clothes, it's a platform that also creates change and helps young females retain their identity without compromising on their beliefs. Ultimately, I want to make modest fashion accessible and relatable to everyone.

What is your favourite TikTok you have made to date and why?

My favourite TikTok to date is one where we showcased one of our store openings. It captured the essence of SUMAYAH - celebrating the beauty of diversity, creativity, and modesty. The response from our community was overwhelmingly positive, and it was a heartwarming reminder of why we do what we do. It showcased not just our products but the spirit and values of our brand. We had so many followers come to support us and it was great to share this with our audience on TikTok.

Finally, what else is on your For You feed?!

My For You feed is full of young entrepreneurs making such great moves. I love productivity TikTok and business TikTok as I love challenging myself and getting tips on different topics. When I watch such inspiring individuals, I always end up thinking about potential ideas and ways I could collaborate with them. My feed is a constant source of inspiration.

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  • I recieved my order on 27th March and there is narks on the abaya iv emailed customer service for a return and iv had no reply back! ON 29TH March I emailed info@sumayah.com and got a reply the team is closed for the holidays and I will recieve a reply back the earliest Tuesday. There is still no reply back. I’m going to run out of my return period and stuck with a faulty abaya all because you ain’t replying with a return form of the next process!!!!! Very bad customer service don’t think I’ll be ordering again. Looks like I’ll have to make a trip down to your store to sort this return out!!!

    ORDER #3284

    Rahena Begum on
  • Hello, ive ordered a abaya from your website but it still hasn’t arrived yet. Please let me know when it has been sent out!!!
    Order number: #3359

    Sabina Khanom on
  • Hi! I ordered an Abaya from you a while ago and it still hasn’t arrived, it said it was due to be delivered on the 22nd March, can I get an update on when my order is arriving?
    Order number: 3274

    H on
  • Hey I ordered 2 co-ords on tiktok shop. however i received them both in the same package so i returned them both in the same package aswell . and my post office not does allow 2 qr codes on one package. i have only received refund on one of the co-ords even though i’ve sent both .
    Tiktok order number :
    Order# 576659373919473102

    Mariam Alimahomed on
  • Salam, when you guys restock abayas I want to buy Lamia abayas set and Ayesha abayas for Eid JazakAllah

    Syeda on
  • Hi I was interested the noor abaya but in mauve color I don’t know if you guys have that available on your website

    Aala yacoub on
  • I was also wondering if you guys no longer sell the shimmer abaya as i was interested

    zainab on
  • Hii. I was wondering when you guys will restock in the brown ziya abaya as i really want it in time for eid. Jzkl

    zainab on
  • do you deliver to canada?
    I want to check my order but just came back from your TikTok live and i heard something like no international shipping !!!

    Hanan on

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